A group of young business people in a meeting.
A group of young business people in a meeting.
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Yesterday Victorian’s were faced with another circuit breaker lockdown. A super fast and aggressive strain of the Covid-19 virus had taken advantage of an open door in hotel quarantine in Adelaide and, being airborne, it infected a person who came to Victoria. In the next few days the infection spread and, unknown to an infectious person, was taken to the footy and other places where there were large groups of people. The rest we know.

Amongst the many groups responding to the lockdown was the VCCI, (Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry) who are supposed to represent businesses and companies…

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There have been innumerable conversations about the effect of the covid pandemic on education. Many of these conversations have been valuable. However, the most valuable conversation, about what teachers can and will do, is not being had.

In essence the conversation asks how a group of professionals who are supposedly tech resistant, in a profession where change happens at a snail’s pace and requires input from politicians whose only experience is that they once went to school, have pulled off such an astounding achievement.

Experienced educators know the answer to this, but as usual, no one is listening.

Teachers and Tech

We Teach…

We need to stop the noise about students falling behind during these lockdowns. It is a useful political tool as parents are easily triggered by threats to the children.

But it is just noise and the question we need to ask is:

Behind what?

There seems to be this strange belief that curricula are somehow set in stone. That there is a certain amount of knowledge that needs to be poured into the heads of students by the end of formal schooling.

As if the knowledge is the curriculum, education is the process of transmission and school is where it…


I was 11 years old when I was violently confronted by the fact that there was something wrong with the world I lived in. I say violently, not because I suffered physical violence, but because what I saw and became aware of in that short space of time, forever shredded my ability to see the world as a place of justice.

We were walking through the streets of Calcutta(Kolkata), India, the city in which I was born. Though walking is probably not the correct verb. My mum was on a shopping expedition and they were never slow. She hated shopping…

Children in a classroom being read to by a teacher.
Children in a classroom being read to by a teacher.

Today, in most states of Australia, a number of our youngest students are heading back to school following a very long break. Many students, teachers and parents will be feeling a combination of excitement and anxiety.

Most of us are dealing with the critical question of how we take care of our students in this unfamiliar time, but there are other important questions being asked.

We have been in crisis mode for many weeks now, and in crisis mode survival is triumph. …


Prior to any discussion about the opening of schools and childcare centres, it is critical to understand a couple of things.

Health care workers.

The first is that, no teacher in either sector resents being at work to care for the children of nurses, doctors, paramedics and any of the other professions associated with health care. These people are heroes. They are at the frontline of the battle to contain this pandemic and daily make extraordinary sacrifices. Many are being billeted in hotels for the protection of their own families and themselves.

Reports of members of the public abusing healthcare workers who left…

Good Friday 2020

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Good Friday is a significant day in the Christian calendar. It also appears to be a significant day for me and the understanding of my faith.

Looking back I can see that for me this day matters. Whatever my mental, emotional or physical state, or the outward manifestation of my faith, Good Friday draws me back. Back into the understanding that to worship God and follow the path laid out in the life of Jesus of Nazareth is at the heart of who I am. It is comforting.

There have been many times when I have found…

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Mentoring and Coaching for Teachers.

There has been a lot of talk recently about the value of mentoring and coaching as professional development for teachers in K-12. That is, having experienced senior teachers assisting new or inexperienced teachers. The two latest to weigh in are the Victorian government and the Grattan Institute who released their report, Top Teachers Sharing Expertise to Improve Teaching earlier this month. Earlier this week Adam Carey announced in The Age that the Andrews’ government will launch a mentoring scheme for 700 early-career teachers next year.

Let’s be clear. Mentoring teachers used to be a central factor in education, we just…

A little mind blowing for two English and Literature teachers.

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In the past few years when people have talked about the education technology market they have used really big numbers. In 2017, it was in the multi-millions, in 2018 it was billions and now the figures are in the trillions. It has always seemed sort of abstract to me. As an English teacher and now a business in the K-12 space I could never really get my head around numbers that big.

Then Global Victoria and EduGrowth sponsored our attendance at EduTECH 2019 in Sydney in June. We Teach Well…

Students need to hear their name spoken kindly.

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Last year I attended the MAP18 launch. MAP is a highly regarded accelerator program in Melbourne that is hard to get into. Startups go through a rigorous selection process and the 10 teams chosen get some equity free investment and lots of mentoring and stuff. It was at this event that I got my first look at LoopLearn. It is no secret that my blood froze. Both as a mother and a teacher the idea of having students tracked by facial recognition software was horrifying to me. Turns out it was pretty…

Carolyn Newall

Teacher, First time business owner, CEO at We Teach Well, Supporter of social enterprise and profit for purpose.

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